Why are these so tempting

Have you ever noticed when you have made up you mind for a task, everything starts showing up to throw you off? I have walked by this cheesecake 100 times, but yesterday it just looked so good. I remember cheesecake. The smell, texture, creamy taste. I‘m glad it’s a memory I can reflect on.

I didn’t buy any cheesecake or cookies 🍪 yesterday. I am proud of myself. I used discipline and stayed focused. – WILLPOWER- You see I have a belt problem that will not fix itself. I am committed, at least for 3 inches. Check the home page for details.

I would rather have pizza! Yea now we’re talking. This place is awesome. We had a gift card and decided to do pizza. Yes it was my night for dinner. The thin crust veggie pizza was incredible. I could only eat one slice, mainly because I had these. Avocado club egg rolls. I didn’t read the fine print that they had bacon. My wife gave it up, bummer! I didn’t eat all of them in one sitting, I walked around a little.

Moderation is the key and on this day, I did pretty good. First step in changing things up is to have a plan and be specific. Write it down so you see it. Then start a blog….lol. Actually this blog is helping me stay focused.

Speaking of writing, have ever tried to type and ride an exercise bike at the same time, DIFFICULT! This was one day where I did better!

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Web developer, online marketing and blogger. I love to create online and look forward to more blog time.

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