Eating Healthy Takes Discipline

The title says it all. Once upon a time I was a real meat eater. Ribs, burgers, gyro, corn beef and a few delicacy items I had in China that I will not mention. You get the point. I did it all. I will not say anything is wrong with being a meat eater. IfContinue reading “Eating Healthy Takes Discipline”

He did the mash, monster mash to hit the goal

I could not take the pressure which resulted in putting on a tummy toner. It was a monster stomach mash. It was a household smash. It went on with a thrash. Pretty sure it will leave a rash. Monster mash is definitely my favorite Halloween song. I smashed my stomach with a tummy toner byContinue reading “He did the mash, monster mash to hit the goal”

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