Welcome to my blog.

I am having a lot of fun with the basics. Basics in that I am working with WordPress using the free platform. Being creative, my domain name was available without any additional characters.

One highlight for this site besides it being free is I am doing this exclusively on my IPad. That may be old news to some but I’m a laptop kind of guy. Dell to be exact.. I have rocked a Dell Inspiron – for year after year. I replace it every four years. I have been considering a💻 MacBook for my next upgrade this year. Maybe someone talk me out of it. Dell could make me a ridiculous offer for being a loyal customer. If they do I will blog about it.

Another highlight is that fact that I just launched this site. Meaning I registered on WordPress and launched same day. No testing, setup, nothing. I picked a template and launched.

The last highlight is the plugs. I will plug a lot of sites and people I do business with though this site. Sharing links, promoting and connecting online with everyone that likes a post and leaves a positive comment. Food and fitness is my theme.


What You Do

I have been active online for a long time though web design, marketing, live streaming, training and consulting.

What You Do

I love to blog and read other blogs. Looking into the future, blogging will be part of my story into retirement.


Technical Facilitator @ Lubrizol


Over the years I have held several roles and titles. These roles have allowed me to travel to England, Japan and China. My ability to provide training opened the doors for these opportunities. After all this time I still enjoy showing up everyday contributing to the success of my team and company.

Owner @ RAHA1 Web Designs


Putting a hobby into business can be tricky. Most hobbies involve an area that you really enjoy. A business has rules, goals, paperwork etc. All I can say is “I love web design”. Do a google search on RAHA1 Web Designs and you will get the idea. This is how I unwind. Some of my clients have been with me over 20 years.

Let’s make a connection. Subscribe and be sure to comment and post links to your blog or site.

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