Why does she eat so healthy!

I can’t keep up with my wife’s eating style. She’s a healthy eater and I’m on the fence. Maybe looking through the fence. No meat for my wife, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, smoothies etc…. I feel like I’m in the garden of eden around here. I NEED SOME CHICKEN No seriously, wings, thighs, legs an occasionalContinue reading “Why does she eat so healthy!”

Coopers Hawk is my go to spot

Membership has its privileges. We are members at Coopers Hawk and pre COVID, once a month you could find us there. This is the spot we take friends to relax and socialize. I’m plugging the spot because I enjoy the atmosphere and staff. From the Brussels sprout appetizers into the SOY GINGER ATLANTIC SALMON entree,Continue reading “Coopers Hawk is my go to spot”

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