He did the mash, monster mash to hit the goal

I could not take the pressure which resulted in putting on a tummy toner. It was a monster stomach mash. It was a household smash. It went on with a thrash. Pretty sure it will leave a rash. Monster mash is definitely my favorite Halloween song.

I smashed my stomach with a tummy toner by JustFitter. This was not a back support or anything like it. It was not belt used to help with weight lifting. It’s a straight up tummy toner. It paints a picture of a flat stomach and even more, allows me to see my belt again. I needed the motivation.

I am sure there are many types and styles. What I like about this JustFitter tummy toner is how it gives me an illusion of the potential. Being able to see where you are going is just as important as having directions. When I squeeze it on and then put on my 👔 shirt I am encouraged.

Encouragement is an important tool and sometimes you need to encourage yourself as often as necessary to reach your goal. I hear people putting themselves down all the time. Starting statements like “I will never be able to lose this weight, or whatever the task. I want to encourage you to set goal, visualize it and then encourage yourself. Sounds easy because it is. That’s why I always keep this line in my post, “I’ve got to do better”. Because inside I know it’s possible.

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Web developer, online marketing and blogger. I love to create online and look forward to more blog time.

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