Why does she eat so healthy!

I can’t keep up with my wife’s eating style. She’s a healthy eater and I’m on the fence. Maybe looking through the fence.

No meat for my wife, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, smoothies etc…. I feel like I’m in the garden of eden around here.

Veggies on the Chicken


No seriously, wings, thighs, legs an occasional breast. The whole ____ bird. Just put it on a plate and turn me loose.

Well I guess it’s all for the better. She does keep some bird in the house. We both gave up red meat a long time ago.

She’s looking out for me and I’m looking for a burger! Turkey of course.

I’ve got to do better

Moving forward like Water

Why focus on what has been when the possibilities of the future are endless! That is my way of saying I can’t make up for all the blog post I have missed in this journey.

What I can say is that I am still on the journey. Slow progress is still progress. I have to be my best friend when it comes to encouragement. Learn how to encourage yourself!

No Resolution

It’s March and most people can’t even remember the resolution they made at the beginning of the year. I can remember mine clearly, because I don’t have one.

I have a plan and goals, that’s it. Part of my plan is to eat healthy. Another part, drink more water.

The goals come in with the meal selection and how much water I am drinking daily. One aspect I am really excited about is the water. Since March 1st, I have only been drinking water. Maybe an adult beverage here and there. But no pop, juice or sugary beverage.

My skin can tell the difference. My body tells me when I need more hydration. It’s really cool when your body is in sync.

The battle against the Covid bulge continues and I am still in the fight!

He did the mash, monster mash to hit the goal

I could not take the pressure which resulted in putting on a tummy toner. It was a monster stomach mash. It was a household smash. It went on with a thrash. Pretty sure it will leave a rash. Monster mash is definitely my favorite Halloween song.

I smashed my stomach with a tummy toner by JustFitter. This was not a back support or anything like it. It was not belt used to help with weight lifting. It’s a straight up tummy toner. It paints a picture of a flat stomach and even more, allows me to see my belt again. I needed the motivation.

I am sure there are many types and styles. What I like about this JustFitter tummy toner is how it gives me an illusion of the potential. Being able to see where you are going is just as important as having directions. When I squeeze it on and then put on my 👔 shirt I am encouraged.

Encouragement is an important tool and sometimes you need to encourage yourself as often as necessary to reach your goal. I hear people putting themselves down all the time. Starting statements like “I will never be able to lose this weight, or whatever the task. I want to encourage you to set goal, visualize it and then encourage yourself. Sounds easy because it is. That’s why I always keep this line in my post, “I’ve got to do better”. Because inside I know it’s possible.

Why are these so tempting

Have you ever noticed when you have made up you mind for a task, everything starts showing up to throw you off? I have walked by this cheesecake 100 times, but yesterday it just looked so good. I remember cheesecake. The smell, texture, creamy taste. I‘m glad it’s a memory I can reflect on.

I didn’t buy any cheesecake or cookies 🍪 yesterday. I am proud of myself. I used discipline and stayed focused. – WILLPOWER- You see I have a belt problem that will not fix itself. I am committed, at least for 3 inches. Check the home page for details.

I would rather have pizza! Yea now we’re talking. This place is awesome. We had a gift card and decided to do pizza. Yes it was my night for dinner. The thin crust veggie pizza was incredible. I could only eat one slice, mainly because I had these. Avocado club egg rolls. I didn’t read the fine print that they had bacon. My wife gave it up, bummer! I didn’t eat all of them in one sitting, I walked around a little.

Moderation is the key and on this day, I did pretty good. First step in changing things up is to have a plan and be specific. Write it down so you see it. Then start a blog….lol. Actually this blog is helping me stay focused.

Speaking of writing, have ever tried to type and ride an exercise bike at the same time, DIFFICULT! This was one day where I did better!

A challenge can be healthy

I love a good challenge. This is not the typical “I dare you model”. I’m talking about a good healthy challenge. You can add the S.M.A.R.T. principal to your challenge and really make it interesting. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Giving up cookies is not the challenge. As a matter of fact I will have one today at some point. But I have a belt problem that got my attention. You see I have lost my belt under my belly. I put on it everyday and never see it again. I believe it’s the black belt. Either way I have challenged myself to do something about it.

A healthy challenge

I ramped up my exercise Monday. First off I am not the 🛋 couch kind of guy. I rotate to the recliner, hammock, kitchen chair, bed, you get the idea. I move around a lot. But I have gym in the basement, for real. All the workout dvds necessary plus a personal coach through my job. With all these tools and resources there is no reason why I should not be able to find my belt again.

Words are so powerful. You notice what I am not saying about myself? We have enough people saying negative things, let’s keep it positive and make it fun. Let’s make it a challenge and use a tactic, S M A R T.

This is the challenge. I did a little measuring and if I can work off 3 inches, my belt will reappear, whalla! Now I am going to have a cookie 🍪 and work out all the details. I’ve got to do better.

I got a few likes from FOODIEMAIL where I see some delicious healthy recipes. I am all over your website. You will definitely be part off this battle against the bulge.

Who’s up for a good personal challenge? Let’s go!

Dinners on me tonight

Dinners on me tonight is what I told my Wife Saturday. Then I went right into the internet (you thought I was going to say kitchen) and ordered some BIBBOP. This is one of our go to spots. I know what she likes….. mmmm yep! It was a good night.

I had no idea I would smash the whole dish. Portion control out the window. Forgive me for keeping it real. I see all these sites telling you what to eat and how much. I never see them talking about how much they eat. I’m just keeping it real. I ate the whole thing! If eating slowly counts I should get points for that. There were no leftovers, you get the idea. This is the point where I decided to start working out, next week. I’ll let you know 🤔 how this goes. I am committed, it’s going to happen. I need to find my belt again or at least see it when I look down.

I’ve got to do better.

Coopers Hawk is my go to spot

Membership has its privileges. We are members at Coopers Hawk and pre COVID, once a month you could find us there. This is the spot we take friends to relax and socialize. I’m plugging the spot because I enjoy the atmosphere and staff.

From the Brussels sprout appetizers into the SOY GINGER ATLANTIC SALMON entree, paired perfectly with their bin 50 wine recommendation. The service was fabulous. We had not been out for awhile. This was truly an evening to remember. That is until we got home.

I was ready for a night to remember. And I will remember it well. My lovely wife wanted to go for an evening walk. Doesn’t sound to bad, right. She’s a fast pace high stepper. I’m just short or running 🏃‍♀️ to keep up. Nice and full and walking – 2.5 miles. This is not a check out the neighborhood stroll. We are kicking it. By the time my Fitbit hit 2.5 I was done. I complained the whole walk. It was hilarious. We laughed about it, the next day!

I got to do better.

This will not end well

We are headed out the door for dinner as I type this. I am planning to eat really healthy and have one beverage with dinner. But things don’t always go as planned.

I just have this feeling that, well tomorrow’s post with tell the story.

For now I have to give some major props to my wife! I’m not sure what I did, but she made my favorite dish, Taco Chili minus the tacos. I entered it in a chili cook off at my job. It was a Toastmasters day and I could not stay at the event. We didn’t win, but the pot was empty when I got back.

Forget portion size. Last night after the second helping I made myself stop. We use turkey and these salty chips to dip. Mmmm mmmm GOOD! That’s all I can say about that. I can share the recipe for a few likes…….ok I’ll share it anyway in another post.

I am going to try and do better.

Water is not my favorite beverage

homemade chili

Water is really good for you. Check the labels on the pop and juice and all that other stuff you drink. It’s just not my favorite beverage. Pepsi was my go drink a few years back. I lost 8 pounds when I gave it up.

My daughter was on some type of diet in early August 2020. She had stopped eating a lot of food types. What caught my attention was the fact she was only drinking water. I decided to give it a try. It’s been 8 weeks and I am not looking back.

I only drink water. No sweetners or added flavor. This week I started adding cucumber slices. 2500ml a day so far. I lost a few pounds (4) along the way. Water is not my favorite beverage, but I am enjoying the challenge.

It was a personal challenge just to see if I could do it. The first week was tough. Now I feel like a pro. Once you put your mind to a task and commit, the rest falls in place. That’s a life principle for me, focus and commitment.

I still have an occasional soda or even a cocktail 🍸if I choose. But the first choice for me is water. This time I believe I did better ending this post. Next post will be about this delicious dish my wife made for dinner.

Cupcakes for dinner

That title should read cupcakes for dinner is a bad idea. I am so glad that’s not what happened. I did 🤔 think about it when we stopped by NOTHING Bundt CAKES ®️.

As you can see the seal is still intact. Bundt not for long.

Back to dinner for the day. My wife laid it out. No photo but imagine, cabbage and carrots a large portion with some type of noodles mixed with veggies. I’m not doing good with the imagine part. Add to that bratwurst (no bun) cooked in the air fryer and YUM!!!
My baby can burn.

Stick a fork in it
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now where are the cupcakes. I have to do better.

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