Cookie Holiday

Someone in our Toastmaster group talked about creating holidays. Seems like there are quite a few we don’t even know about. The idea was to tell a story about a holiday that you could create. I didn’t get a turn, but there is no doubt in my mind what I would select.

Just so there is no confusion, Cookie Holiday would be my pick. I do not have a particular favorite yet because there are so many I have not tried. It would always fall on a Monday. Something like the first Monday in August is cookie day.

Then we could expect one free cookie with a greater or equal purchase where ever cookies are sold. Being so close to Valentine’s Day, I started day dreaming about cookies. Go figure!


I am sure there are some healthy choice cookies I need to try on my taste buds. Honestly, I have not tried any of those yet.

I’ve got to do better!

Published by raha1

Web developer, online marketing and blogger. I love to create online and look forward to more blog time.

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