Moving forward like Water

Why focus on what has been when the possibilities of the future are endless! That is my way of saying I can’t make up for all the blog post I have missed in this journey.

What I can say is that I am still on the journey. Slow progress is still progress. I have to be my best friend when it comes to encouragement. Learn how to encourage yourself!

No Resolution

It’s March and most people can’t even remember the resolution they made at the beginning of the year. I can remember mine clearly, because I don’t have one.

I have a plan and goals, that’s it. Part of my plan is to eat healthy. Another part, drink more water.

The goals come in with the meal selection and how much water I am drinking daily. One aspect I am really excited about is the water. Since March 1st, I have only been drinking water. Maybe an adult beverage here and there. But no pop, juice or sugary beverage.

My skin can tell the difference. My body tells me when I need more hydration. It’s really cool when your body is in sync.

The battle against the Covid bulge continues and I am still in the fight!

Published by raha1

Web developer, online marketing and blogger. I love to create online and look forward to more blog time.

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